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People are increasingly looking for ways to make a little extra cash. Today there are more people doing side jobs and freelance work than ever before. However, side jobs and freelancing are only a small fraction of a greater whole that’s deciding to make extra money by starting their own business.

Most people have at least considered starting their own business at some point, but it never amounted to anything. This is probably because starting a business is quite intimidating; people see it as a huge hurdle that requires a ton of money, time, and experience.

While it’s true that starting a regular brick and mortar business would require a ton of resources, starting a business from home doesn’t require as much. For one, your office is your home, so you don’t have any additional costs there. For two, there are many start-ups that require little to no cost to get rolling.

The benefits of starting your own business are quite obvious: you’re the boss and there’s flexibility in your work schedule. However, it’s so much more than that. People who start a home business on the side, sometimes end up leaving their job to work from home full-time.

Spending more time with the kids and not having to commute are amongst the top reasons why people decide to start a business. The number one reason, of course, being that people want to make a little extra income to have a greater financial cushion.

Aside from adding financial freedom, starting your own business also offers the flexibility to work in many different fields. If you like retail, you can be a secret shopper, if you like to write you can be a typist, and if you like to share your opinions and insights you can take surveys.

And while secret shopping does require leaving the home, the other two can be done in the comfort of your living room couch, which sure beats a stiff desk chair or standing on your feet all day.

These are just a handful of the vast opportunities available for those looking to work for themselves. There are far more work-at-home business opportunities than I can even list here. It’s a field that is in its prime momentum, and that will continue to grow exponentially in the years to come!