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When it comes to what we do for a living, it turns out a lot of people aren’t happy.

Makes sense right?

Of course it does, but that begs the question then why do so many people stay in a job or career they don’t like? The answer is often due to people not really knowing what else they’d be happy doing.

Think about it – it’s generally easier to find things you don’t like about a 9-5 than things you do like. Heck, most people start down a career path either due to convenience or just as a way to pay the bills. Nothing wrong with that. I’ve been there. And like I said, it’s actually helped me figure out what I DIDN’T want to do.

So, how do we learn what we’d really enjoy doing then?

Trial and error works, but it isn’t exactly the most efficient. The answers lie in the questions we ask ourselves:

– What am I good at?
– What do I enjoy doing?
– If money wasn’t an option, what would I do?
– So on and so forth…

Turns out we’ve uncovered a pretty awesome quiz that can help people figure these questions out.

It’s pretty fun and only takes a few minutes to complete.

Why not check it out? You might learn something new…

Get started here.