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Do you have a job application tracking system?

If not, you 100% need to.

Staying organized makes you more efficient in the job search process, but it also gives you an advantage over your competition.

How, you ask?

It’s this simple – when you track all the specifics of a job you applied for, you know:

– Where you found the job
– When you applied
– Who the hiring manager was/is
– The hiring manager’s contact info
– Exactly when to follow up

And you can use this info to show you’re well organized and have attention to detail – things employers love.

Also, you can keep track of the notes you had on each position. Because let’s be honest, if you’re searching and applying for a lot of jobs, it’s easy for them to start to blend together.

So doesn’t it make sense to have all that information in one place that’s easy to access?

We think so. And that’s why we’ve created an easy to use tracking sheet for you. A Microsoft Excel version that let’s you edit and keep a copy on your computer, and a PDF than you can easily print off.

Download them below.