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Career Fairs are a great and often under-utilized resource for most job seekers.

Not only do Career Fairs put a number of hiring companies in one place at one time, but they also allow job candidates to meet with hiring personnel face to face.

Even if you don’t find a company or position that’s a good fit, you can often meet people who will extend your network and give you a better chance of finding that right role in the future. If you make a good impression, hiring personnel will remember you when future roles open up.

10, 20, even 30+ hiring companies in one place? The concentration of these companies under one roof allows you to be more efficient with your time. Quick conversations with hiring managers can help you qualify opportunities with the need for time consuming back and forth emails and phone calls.

Often times companies will have available positions that they aren’t advertising anywhere else. The mere fact you’re attending a Career Fair puts you in a position of advantage over other job seekers vying for similar roles.

Face To Face Time
Whether we like it or not, meeting someone face to face can be a huge advantage. Assuming you make a good first impression, these initial meetings can put you ahead of any other would-be candidates. Use this to your advantage to showcase your experience and desire to be considered for a role.

Career Fairs can make a big difference! With Virtual Career Fairs happening every week, why not drop in and see what you find?